Our Partners

Mujeb Nursery

Mujeb Nursery is a small local business that specializes in growing and selling fruit and native tree seedlings. Mujeb Nursery works on propagating native and wild species with the goal of enhancing local ecological sustainability.

Taybeh Organic Farms

Taybeh Organic Farms is a family owned farm dedicated to organic and regenerative agriculture. The farm is located in Wadi Rajeb, at the edges of Ajloun and overlooking the Jordan Valley. Motivated by deep concerns about the environment and ecosystems, the farm started its organic transition in 2013 and became officially certified organic by CCPB in 2020. They grow a variety range of organic citruses, including lemons, oranges, grapefruits, pomelos, pomelites, clementines and mandarins.

Organic Tamam Chicken

Tamam is the leading poultry brand in Jordan offering a complete line of premium chicken products. Tamam is proud to be the only Certified Humane poultry farm in the Arab World. Their organic chicken line and poultry farm is certified by the European regulating body (CCPB) in compliance with strict European standards. Their certified humane and organic products are antibiotic free, grain fed, and free-range.


Founded 14 years ago, Juthour are the first and the largest distributors of imported natural, organic & specialty products in Jordan. Their owner believes that a wholesome life requires a closer scrutiny of the so-called modern food we blindly consume. Their team are continuously guided by the sense of urgency to provide our community at large with a more sustainable lifestyle. Education is the core of how they do it, their products are free of sulfites, MSG, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, genetically engineered ingredients - no coloring, chemical preservatives or artificial flavors.


Tuneib is a small local business in the small cottage industry, their products include jarred products: olives, sundried tomatoes, pickles and chili sauces. The quality of their products comes from the quality of ingredients they choose. All products are also completely natural and free of any chemical preservatives.