Organic agriculture is a more thoughtful and sustainable way of tending to the land. It increases soil fertility and improves biodiversity in the area, thus positively impacting the environment and providing a sustainable food system that does not compromise future generations’ food security.

Mujeb Organic Farm’s journey took off with a simple idea. The late Abdelrahim Jardaneh, who himself was a traditional grower, was committed to finding better ways to protect the environment, eventually leading him to establish this project. While striving to eat clean and feed his family and friends natural and nutritious food, he began growing organic fruits and vegetables in a corner of his conventional farm.

Over a short period of time, what started as a challenging project, gave excellent results. When friends and family witnessed the success, they encouraged him to start growing on a larger scale so they can buy his produce.

The first year (2010) of farming on a larger scale was tough. By nurturing the soil and stopping all chemicals, he faced the same issues that conventional farmers face in terms of managing pests and crop diseases but with less solutions at hand. However, as time passed, nature started working its magic. The land was transforming beautifully, birds and beneficial insects were everywhere and the usual problems started disappearing.

Ever since, the Mujeb Organic Farm witnessed exponential growth and has grown to reach a larger number of people. We are now leaders in Jordan for growing organic certified fruits and vegetables. We are continuously aiming to improve our produce by introducing innovative measures and adding to our seasonal varieties. We now also partner with local, organic, and sustainable businesses that align with our values to widen the range of products available for our eco-conscious consumers and to support these businesses’ success.

Mujeb Organic Farm is certified on an annual basis by CCPB to ensure that strict EU-organic practices are met.

Our produce is guaranteed to be:

  • Ethically and sustainably grown
  • Free from chemical fertilizers, hormones, pesticides, and herbicides
  • Free from GMO seeds


Mahmoud is one of our main farmers and truly does it all! We’re happy to have this multi-skilled guy on the team helping with everything from planting to harvesting to ploughing!

Rida is the guy behind the sweetest watermelons in town! Rida’s passion for growing and taking care of our organic nursery is surely one of a kind!

Mahmoud Abdelhadhi is our accountant, olive expert, chicken specialist and farm manager! He's such an important part of our team and we are grateful to have him!

Laith is one of the guys managing our pack-house! Laith works hard to make sure that your produce is well prepared and delivered on time!

If you’ve ever been to our farm or bought our produce then you’ve surely met Mohammad Abu Shweimeh! He is also the star of our Farmer's Market, setting up our stall and taking care of all our customers' needs.

Abu and Um Mohammad are our favourite farm duo! Together they make the best on-farm team.


We have a team of around 25 dedicated farmers who work tirelessly on the land making sure our plants are healthy and happy.

We operate in four farms in different locations across Jordan giving us the ability to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables all year round.

We also have a group of around 10 people working in our pack-house, making sure all the produce is washed, packed and delivered on time.



We produce a wide range of seasonal vegetables including both well-known local varieties as well as special crops that have not been grown in the country before, such as spaghetti squash and watermelon radish. Some of our favorites include: Butternut squash, garlic, habanero peppers, mixed greens, sweet corn and sweet potatoes.


We produce a range of fruits including summer favorites such as watermelon and melon. Some of our favorites include: apples, blackberries, grapes, peaches, raspberries and strawberries.


We are the only producers of organic certified eggs in Jordan. Our eggs come from happy chickens that have access to fresh air and sun, and are free to roam around in a stress-free environment.

The chickens are fed a 100% organic, non-GMO diet and are not given any antibiotics. Their diet is supplemented with farm grown greens and vegetables to improve the quality of the eggs.


Our special olive oil comes from chemical free olives that are picked from Roman trees in Jerash (Northern Jordan) that are over 100 years old. The olives are delicately hand-picked and pressed when the olives are mostly green, giving a special, pungent taste. They are cold-pressed at temperatures not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius and the oil is extra-virgin with a free acidity level of 0.4.


In line with our philosophy of low impact and little waste, we established a line of dried and jarred products to make use of our excess produce when it is in season. These quickly became a crowd favorite and have now become main items. This line includes: cherry tomato sauce, chili paste, dried prunes, grape vinegar, hot sauce and pickled olives.


As we continue to expand our partnership with hotels and restaurants, we are growing a selection of specialty products that were previously unavailable in the local market. We now have a selection of microgreens that are excellent as a garnish and as elements of flavor and nutrition.


In a effort to create a more holistic ecosystem on the farm we decided to establish an apiary with 7o beehives. The bees are excellent pollinators providing substantial improvements in some of our crops particularly our berries and squashes. We've also benefited from the extraordinary honey that the bees have collected from several areas across Jordan. Our honey is raw, unfiltered and 100% natural.