The Process

We grow and harvest organic produce at our farms

We also partner up with the best local, organic and sustainable businesses

You place your orders, we deliver them to your doorstep


In operation since 2010, Mujeb Organic Farm is the leader in Jordan for growing organic certified fruits and vegetables. We operate in four farms in different locations across Jordan: Tuneib, the Jordan Valley (Ghor), Fuheis and Majdal. Mujeb Organic Farm produces over 70 varieties of fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Mujeb Organic Farm is certified on an annual basis by CCPB to ensure that strict EU-organic practices are met.

Our produce is guarenteed to be:

  • Ethically and sustainably grown
  • Free fom chemical fertilizers, hormones, pesticides and herbicides
  • Free from GMO seeds


  • Taybeh Organic Farms

  • Organic Tamam Chicken

  • Mujeb Nursery

  • Tuneib


  • Juthour


Our produce is available via a mobile application that allows you to choose from a list of available produce and have it delivered to your home (same day delivery option available). The list of produce changes on a daily basis depending on what is available in the field.

We are now present in several major supermarkets across the city (including Cozmo, Carrefour, and Miles), becoming the first to provide local organic produce in mainstream channels in Jordan.